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  • In 2014, the European organic market grew by approximately 7.6 percent to a value of more than 26 billion euros....

  • Have you registered for the 10th European Organic Congress yet?Register now to engage about the challenges and opportunities for developing...

  • Brussels – Today, the European Parliament voted to oppose the import of three genetically modified (GM) soybeans into the European...

  • The policy day will bring together EU policymakers and the organic sector to discuss the current organic regulation revision process...

  • In the IFOAM EU January newsletter: Time to put an end to corporate control on genetic resources and seed patents New genetic...

  • 21 January 2016 - Today, the Environmental Committee of the European Parliament approved a resolution stating that the EU Commission...

  • Have you registered for the 10th European Organic Congress yet? Remember to register before 5 February to receive a discount of...

  • BRUSSELS – Today, the European Patent Office (EPO) revoked a Monsanto-owned patent on melons for technical reasons. For years, the...

  • Brussels, 14 January 2016 – IFOAM EU has published a position paper on new genetic engineering techniques, ahead of the...

  • The focus of the 10th European Organic Congress is how to transform the agri-food system and the role organic should...

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